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I paint ordinary people, doing everyday things, at interesting places

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Ordinary People:

Beach BuildersSenor Ricardody with red skirt

Doing Everyday Things:

EncounterDoorway childrenCouple Talking


At Interesting Places:

Saturday At AvigonNapa ValleySedona Skyline


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PicnicBarbara & DickAbersoch Harbor


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Background Notes:

I see myself as kind of an old soul and a romantic at heart. The subjects I choose to paint have some sort of nostalgic calling - ordinary people doing everyday things at interesting places. Often the result is a moving painting reflecting the human comedy.

I treat each painting as a scene on a stage. The people are the actors. I position them to capture an easy to understand, usually happy, often emotional event. The interpretation of the scene through brushwork and a creative palette, results in strongly edited realistic images of the world reflecting life's interactions.

Each painting begins with a careful study of it's composition. Then, through a evolutionary process, often with moments of spontaneity, the painting emerges from the canvas.

Through the years I have been influenced by the work of the American and European Impressionists, and more recently by Hopper, Biberman, Ginsburg, Arsenault, and Andrew Wyeth, each with their compelling sense of mood, time, and place that describe moments of shared human experience.

You, the viewer, are encouraged to engage your own unique thoughts, dreams, feelings, and experiences to complete the pictures in new and unexpected ways.

These representational paintings follow a style known as NOVORealism, or perhaps Late Period Social Realism brought into the 21st Century.

Most paintings are derived from combinations of multiple photographic images I have taken in the USA, Europe, or Mexico.

I pull together parts of various images to create a story. Using my years of experience painting en plein air and with models in a studio setting, I am able to capture a pleasing composition, appropriate form, and subtly usually not seen in a photograph. For more information on these processes, see: "On Developing A Painting."


Peter Worsley - fine artist painter.

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